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Society propers most when it is free of big businesses.

Land should not be something that is bought or sold.

When helping those in need, charity is more efficient than social welfare.

The government should provide a public, free healthcare option.

The wealthy are taxed too much already.

The economic class of a person is mostly based on how hard that person has worked.

Economic inequality has become too high for the government to not take direct action.

Society is mainly divided by economic class, rather than race, religion, or gender.


Every individual has an inalienable right to body autonomy, regardless of whether they have committed a crime.

As long as no one else is getting hurt, an individual should be allowed to voluntarily take drugs, drink alcohol, or other product of consumption without reprecussions.

Terrorists should not be given due process under the law.

Under the law, every person should have the express right to free speech, regardless of the content of said speech and without legal reprecussions.

The government should ban hate speech in all forms.

The government should be permitted to request personal information (such as texts, emails, and other data) from internet companies in order to protect the country from terrorism.

Individuals should be allowed to engage in the religious beliefs of their choosing.

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.


As long as consenting adults are the only ones involved, what people do in the bedroom is none of my business.

Religious organizations should not be taxed by the government.

The internet should be socialized and considered to be a public utility rather than a service individuals must pay for.

A person's gender identity or sexuality should not impact how the government treats that person.

The government should expressly define the meaning of marriage under the law.

The government should regulate the access to and process of abortion.

Private property rights are necessary to have a prosperous community and society at large.